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Hello my fellow readers! My name is Ashlyn and I am currently an immunology graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham studying Multiple Sclerosis. This blog will be a place where I can mix my two passions of teaching and Multiple Sclerosis specifically for non-scientists who want to know more about the immune system and/or Multiple Sclerosis. I plan to update the blog weekly with new information about MS either from a historical perspective or recently published work. If there is something you don’t understand in the MS blog post, the post will direct you to the “In The Classroom” page where it will explain further.

Microscopic images by Melissa Bentley, UAB

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Please feel free to write in questions on anything pertaining the immune system or autoimmune disease and I will do my best to answer myself or find the answer from an expert.

Microscopic images by Melissa Bentley, UAB

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